Cash Out From CPF For Retirement, Reallly?!

We have always been told that our CPF funds will help us in our retirement but many people we talked to are not sure how that works & some even doubt it!

In the 1st of our 2-parts retirement planning process, we aim to tell you 2 things about your CPF monies! -How much cash you can get out of your CPF when you reach age 55 -How much cash you will receive every month after you reach age 65

Using our specialized CPF projection tool, we are going to give you the exact figures that is relevant to you, not just general concepts.

Moving on to the 2nd part of our process, we will simplify retirement calculations to just 10 minutes!

We drive straight to the crux question for retirement in this part… ”What age can my money last me until??!”

The answer to that question will be revealed after the 10 minutes. Exact age like 67/73/79 will be given!

Imagine yourself knowing that your money can last you till 68 & you feel you will need money to at least last you till 80, will you not be more focused in the way you plan your retirement funds now?

In short, we are simply driven to make retirement planning simple yet accurate for the people we deal with & we achieve that with our 2-parts retirement planning process.