So... How does it work?

In P.T. Associates, we follow a strict process to ensure the quality of the service we provide.

Whether you are a new person we are meeting up or an existing client for many years, we will always go through at least 2 meetings before any implementation.

We are doing this because we acknowledge that any financial decisions made will impact a big part of your life & we will need the time to ensure we have thought of all possible scenarios to bring you forward.

Below is a flowchart of this process that we follow.

Especially the 1st meeting, our aim is to know you more as a person.

“Financial decisions are not just algorithms.” – This is what our team believes in.

We believe that everyone’s situation is unique. That is why we treasure the 1st step of the process a lot. It sets the direction on how we plan with you.

The end result? A meaningful process which value-adds to your situation.