Our Key People

Peter Teo, Founder


With more than 10 years of experience & a ChFC® accreditation, I have started to look at my career beyond just achieving awards & recognition. I am passionate about 2 things now, constantly improving my craft to assist my clients & inspiring my consultants to impact their sphere of clients.
As a team, we are passionate to change the perception of our industry to what it should be: “Professionals committed to the welfare of the people they are dealing with!”

Tan Zhong Yan, Adria, Co-Founder

I have started this career as a fresh graduate to now having 13 years of working experience and being accredited by Singapore College of Insurance as a Chartered Financial Consultant. Throughout these years, I am inspired to be able to make a difference in each of my client’s life and I strongly believe that proper financial advice can only be given through genuine concern for my clients’ needs. This is what I will continue to strive and achieve.

Zac Ong, Pioneer Member

With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, I believe that you can benefit greatly from my knowledge and expertise. What you can expect to experience is a client-centric approach to financial planning and consistant reviews.

Zelyn Lim, Pioneer Member

I will like to share my expertise with my clients to assist them in developing a sound financial portfolio which is uniquely theirs. To me, financial planning is about risk management, planning ahead for our finances. Most corporate companies have risk management team to construct contingency plans. For our loved ones and our personal dreams, why cant't we have one too?